Today you may be finishing your second glass of wine, cuddling up with your voracious Valentine, hoping for the crucial moment. Your sweetheart is getting sweeter, but your energy doesn’t match theirs after a long work week. You want to be your best, but something is holding you back. Your drive for romance needs some fuel. Your longevity is lacking. Let Tribulus contribute to your journey on the holiday that should have your heart racing. 

Tribulus Terrestis, also known as Caltrop, can be brewed into an earthy tea that enhances your libido. It raises the luteinizing or follicle hormone levels. Those levels stimulate the gonads, which help to balance hormones for men and women. In short, Dittany isn’t your only V-day aphrodisiac. If you wake up drained at the end of the week, start your Valentine’s day with a warm, woodsy, cup of Tribulus, so you can enjoy a feisty, Friday night. If the night goes right, you can wake up with your partner, and start your weekend by toasting your morning, Tribulus tea

You’re revved up in the romance, but you feel yourself losing steam. Your stamina has been inconsistent. The last thing you want to do is take a pill for performance. What you want and need is an all natural dose of organic herbs to give you and your sweetheart an A+ performance. By drinking a cup with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your performance levels will hit the level of satisfaction you and your Valentine strive for. A tablespoon of Tribulus three times a day can turn the heat around. 

When the holiday frizzles out, and you’re back to the daily grind, what else can Tribulus contribute to your life? Tribulus has also been discovered to reduce chest pain, eczema, menopausal symptoms, and even cytotoxic to cancer cells. Everyone’s body is different so it’s best to try consistently for at least a week to catch the full effect. Level up in love for your body, your significant other and your best life with a little Tribulus Tea!

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