With Valentine’s Day around the bend, we can’t help but highlight the tea that holds our heart. Here at Astoria Tea Company, we want our customers to look and feel their best, especially when they’re with their special someone. Dittany of Crete, also known as Aphrodite’s herb, is the love potion that will truly heal you from the inside out.

Whether your valentine is your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone you met last week, the holiday can brew up an abundance of emotions. Maybe nerves have your stomach in knots, or maybe you ate something at lunch that just isn’t sitting well with you. You may not be feeling so hot now, but there’s no need to carry that weight into your evening. Having a cup of dittany can help cure that indigestion and discomfort, and strengthen your stomach before an evening of romance. Hippocrates himself, the “father of medicine,” used dittany as a way to heal his stomach internally and externally. Let dittany be your love doctor this season.

Usually on February 14th, you can find men at the local market choosing the perfect bouquet for their valentine, but dittany was once the gift that young men gave to show their sweetheart just how much they desired them. If that lover became a partner for life, dittany was even given as a traditional gift to newly weds to help jump start their honeymoon.

Acting as Aphrodite's aphrodisiac, Dittany ignited the romance every couple needed to spark their flame. Since Valentine's Day happens to be on a Thursday this year, why not throw it back to the O.G aphrodisiac and grab a cup of dittany before your date?

By drinking or even applying the dittany onto your skin, you can reduce inflammation, redness, dryness, and more. Even the resourceful Hermoine used the essence of dittany on Harry Potter’s snake bite and Ron’s splinched arm to heal their wounds.

As you primp and prep for this passionate occasion, you can avoid fighting to cover up that pimple you woke up with, or the dry patch on your cheek that you’ve been trying to heal all winter, by regularly using this glorious herbal tea. Before you know it, your valentine will be glancing across the candlelit restaurant watching you walk through the door more radiant than ever. 

Add a few cinnamon sticks to your Dittany tea for extra spice.  


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