Now that the commercial, heart holiday is over, we can focus on the fact that February is National Heart Awareness Month! We know it’s difficult to focus on what keeps our organs running smoothly when we’re trying to run through the hustle and bustle of NYC, so what can we throw into our morning tea that assures a healthy heart?

Aronia berries, also known as chokeberries, are the perfect little fruits that you can easily boil into your tea. They’re filled with more antioxidants than any other berry. The polyphenols (micronutrients) in the aronia berry is intertwined with the rich antioxidants, allowing the berry to help prevent, and even treat cardiovascular disease. In addition, these powerful antioxidants shield your body’s cells from the harmful outcomes of oxidation. What does that mean? Aronia berries help prevent major chemical reactions that could lead to heart attacks, and other stresses that effect the heart.

Not only do these bountiful berries aid in heart health, but they also act as an anti-aging force to protect your skin from smoke, pollution, and other outside toxins that can cause damage and wrinkles. Beyond helping you glow on the outside, the berries work overtime inside the body to fight off diseases, strengthen your immune system, combat cancer, and improve the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.

How do we get our daily dose of this super berry?

The astringent, Aronia berries sold here at Astoria Tea Company can be used in many ways. They compliment other smaller meals you may use as fuel throughout your day. Pack them in your parfait, swirl them into your shake after a work out, sprinkle them into your salads, or just grab a handful on the go for an extra dose of fiber! You can also throw a handful into your tea to add a little extra punch of flavor, and a bonus treat at the end of your last sip.

So now that you know a bit about the wonderful benefits of the Aronia berry, let’s use the rest of National Heart Awareness Month to implement this superfood into your daily routine! It only takes a tablespoon to treat your ticker with the love it truly needs!

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