As National Heart Awareness month comes to a close, we want to focus in on a delicious, tart tea that heals our heart. This tea tends to be a crowd favorite, giving you a mildly fruity, and floral taste.

It’s hard to believe just how much our bodies can benefit from something that tastes so good! Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis is an herb that can be brewed into tea, and much like our Aronia Berries (check out our previous post), are packed full of antioxidants that promote heart health.

To briefly reiterate, antioxidants shield your body’s cells from the harmful outcomes of oxidation, which means drinking hibiscus will help prevent major chemical reactions that could lead to heart attacks, and other stresses that effect the heart. In certain animal studies, hibiscus decreased the nasty effects of oxidation by 92%.

Hopefully, researchers will perform more tests with humans, but this is a concrete start in learning just how helpful hibiscus can be! In addition to the abundance of antioxidants, drinking a cup of hibiscus tea each day is a powerful, holistic way to lower your blood pressure.

It has the ability to lower both systolic and diastolic pressure, which means the pressure in your arteries, and the pressure in the blood in between heart beats, decreases to a healthy level. If you are someone who battles high blood pressure, something as simple as drinking 3 cups of hibiscus tea each day, could potentially lower your blood pressure in about 6 weeks! What a wonderful way to naturally heal the heart!

Aside from healing the heart, hibiscus tea provides numerous benefits for the rest of our body as well. Hibiscus is said to help decrease liver damage and disease, reduce body fat which promotes weight loss, holds powerful anti-cancer properties known as polyphenols, and the tea can act as an antibacterial to fight infection inside the body.

With so many incredible capabilities, how can you not incorporate this flavorful tea into your daily routine? Whether it’s iced or hot, plain or mixed with lemon and honey, hibiscus brings abundance of delight to the body. In as little as 5 minutes, you can hold the perfect brew and be on your way. Quench your thirst, satisfy your tastebuds, and heal your heart with hibiscus tea. We’ll have a bag waiting for you here at Astoria Tea Company!

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