When getting ready to enjoy a cup of tea, there are unique health benefits and delicious flavor profiles specific to each herb. Enjoying herbal tea is a great way to both boost your positive energy and get your body the nutrients it needs. 

 1. Origins

There are over 300 species of hibiscus, and they all come from a beautiful plant with brightly colored flowers and plenty of properties beneficial to your health. The geographic origins of hibiscus are the coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea and some parts of Asia. In Egypt a cool cup of Hibiscus or hot tea has been popular for thousands of years, and is rumored to have been a favorite drink of the Egyptian Pharaohs. 

 2. Properties

Hibiscus is high in antioxidant-like compounds called anthocyanins which are responsible for their bright pigmentation and anti-aging properties, which is probably the property the Pharaohs were after. These compounds along with the naturally occurring antioxidants found in the herb are very beneficial to our longevity, and work to prevent or slow down damage to your cells from substances throughout the body called free radicals. These free radicals are waste products from our cells due to internal or environmental stress and cause aging effects to the body over time. Build-up in the body of these free radicals means more cellular stress (which nobody wants!), so flushing these out of your system is very important for holistic health. 

3. Health benefits

Anti-aging is quite a super property, and so are the rest of Hibiscus’s health benefits. Rich in Vitamin C, and various minerals that aid with digestion, drinking the tea regularly can help regulate blood sugar and lowers unhealthy cholesterol levels while raising good ones. If you want to improve your liver health, or combat symptoms of abnormal blood sugar or cholesterol, hibiscus has got your back. Hibiscus tea has also shown its potential as a treatment for high blood pressure, and was found to have significant effects in lowering hypertension in adults. Just twelve days after beginning a Hibiscus regiment, the experimental group had a drop in their systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to the control group. The same study found after stopping treatment all groups faced a rise in their blood pressure. 

4. How to enjoy

Hibiscus is popular today as a medicinal tea and as a tasty drink around the globe, and at Astoria Tea Co you can buy freshly picked mediterranean hibiscus alone or in a blend. There are various blends, and one of them is hibiscus mixed with lemon balm which makes some of the best blood regulating tonic on the market. To enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea, simply use an infuser or strainer, and let steep in hot water for about 5 minutes. Once ready, take some sips and enjoy the benefits the amazing hibiscus herb has to offer.

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