Signature Blends Gift Box

Astoria Tea Company

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Experience our top three signature blends including Life Elixir, Zen Rest and Shepherd's Elixir. This three set combination is a great introduction to our product line to experience the biodiversity of our powerful herbal teas that not only smell good and look good, but also make you feel good. 

As always, it is important you consult with a doctor first if you are already taking medicine or looking to treat and/or cure a serious and/or chronic condition. 

Life Elixir features Wild St. John's Wort, Cretan Dittany and Tribulus for a total body detox

Zen Rest features Bio Organic Chamomile and Wild St. John's Wort for the much needed rest your body is craving

Shepherd's Elixir features Bio Organic Greek Mountain Tea and Wild Peppermint for a super dose of minerals and alkalizing properties


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